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Crema Coffee House - Fabulous coffee, delicious food, friendly service

We also have seasonal specials on our boards for you to choose from.

All our coffees are made as a ‘two shot’, if you prefer your coffee weaker please ask for a ‘one shot’ coffee.  Also available decaffeinated.
Soya milk and ‘skinny (semi-skimmed)’ versions available. 
Americano (with hot/cold milk or cream)     £2.50
Cappuccino             £2.75
Latte                     £2.75
Flat White               £2.75
Mocha                  £3.10
Espresso               £2.50
Macchiato (espresso with milk foam topping)      £2.70
Vienna (espresso with whipped cream topping)    £2.90
Flavour your coffee with one of our syrups for just 65p.  Choose from: 
Vanilla                    Gingerbread               Caramel
Amaretto (N)      Hazelnut (N)              Cinnamon
Yorkshire tea                  £2.15
Decaffeinated Yorkshire tea            £2.50
Twinings Teas:                                  £2.50
         Earl Grey                  Darjeeling                Green
         Chai                             Camomile
         Peppermint             Green lemon
Newby’s Jasmine Blossom tea            £2.50
Deluxe hot chocolate           £3.10
Our hot chocolate is made using real Belgian milk chocolate and hot steamy milk  
Add a topping: 
 whipped cream                £0.25 
 mini marshmallows               £0.15
Cold drinks:
Still/sparkling water          £2.10
Coca-Cola™                      £2.25
Diet Coke™                         £2.25
Sparkling Elderflower            £2.25
Pomegranate Elderflower      £2.25
Cloudy Lemonade                  £2.10
Dandelion and Burdock          £2.10
Pure Orange juice               £1.90
Apple juice                        £1.90
(served all day)
Rachel’s Homemade Cakes & Scones:
Cheese scone served warm with butter            £2.75
Fruit scone served warm with butter                £2.80
                with butter and jam                                 £3.00
             with jam and whipped cream                £3.15
               with butter, jam and cream                    £3.25
Coffee walnut cake  (N)                    £3.20
Carrot cake  (N)                           £3.20
Lemon drizzle cake                               £3.20
Flapjack (plain or fruit & nut)  (N)          £2.75
Caramel slice (GF)              £3.00
Cake of the day           £3.25
With Crema’s ‘Cake of the Day’ option we tempt you with new recipes.  Wherever possible, we provide our ‘Cakes of the Day’ as a gluten free option and on occasion we have cakes made to a dairy and egg free recipe, therefore suitable for Vegans.
Hot chocolate fudge cake served with
 vanilla ice cream               £4.75
Light bites:
Bacon buttie (GF)  (on white or granary bloomer bread)          £4.75
Toasted Tea Cake with butter                   £2.75
Toasted Crumpets (2) with butter (GF)           £2.75
Toast with butter (GF) (white or granary bread)           £2.25
       Add jam, marmalade or honey for 25p
(served until 11.30 am)
Full English Breakfast                             £7.00
2 rashers of bacon, sausage, baked beans, tomato, 
scrambled egg, mushrooms and 2 slices of toast
Sausage Buttie                                          £4.75
2 sausages in a white or granary bloomer bread
Bacon Buttie  (GF)                                     £4.75
3 rashers of bacon in a white or granary bloomer bread
Scrambled egg on toast (V) (GF)               £4.60
Baked beans on toast (V) (GF)                  £4.60
Add any of the following:
Sausage or 2 rashers of bacon              £1.25
Mushrooms, baked beans,               
tomato or scrambled egg (V)    £0.65

(served 11.30 am – 3.30 pm)
Please see our specials board for more dishes
Gluten free:  Please note, to cover the higher cost of gluten free products, an additional charge of 50p will be applied to those dishes using gluten free bread, crumpets or Panini.
The following are served with a salad garnish, with our homemade salad dressing, homemade coleslaw and crisps:
Sandwiches  (GF)
On white or granary bread:                                    £6.25
BLT (bacon lettuce & tomato) & mayo
Cheddar cheese and tomato or onion or pickle (V)
Yorkshire ham 
Tuna mayonnaise
Prawn with Marie Rose sauce    £6.75
Panini  (GF)
Toasted ciabatta bread     £7.25     
See the Specials board for today’s choices
Toasties  (GF)
Toasted sandwiches on white or granary bread:  £6.75
Cheese & pickle or onion (V)   
Ham & cheese    
Tuna Melt (tuna mayonnaise & cheese)
Bacon & cheese
Rarebit          £7.50 
 A savoury cheese sauce mix made with Theakstons Old Peculier ale, covered in melted mature cheddar cheese served hot over toasted bread.  Available on white or granary bloomer.  (Not suitable for a vegetarian diet)   
 Add bacon to your Rarebit for           £1.25
Jacket Potatoes  (GF) 
Our jacket potatoes are served with salad garnish 
with our salad dressing and homemade coleslaw          £6.75
Choose your topping from:
Cheddar cheese (V)
Baked beans (V)
Tuna mayonnaise
Prawns in Marie Rose sauce      £7.25
Add an extra topping for just 75p
GF  Gluten Free option available
N  Contains nuts                      V  Vegetarian


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